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Free sandbox MMO focused on colonization, exploration, war, and politics featuring Web 3.0 elements and progress-saving NFTs

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Players survive in the harsh and mysterious otherworld, joining clans and alliances, struggling for power and weaving political intrigue.

No Ponzi

The innovative and flexible issuance depends on player payments and TVL. Every token is backed by real demand and is free of hyperinflation.

Zero Sum

We do not produce rewards out of thin air. Skillful players are rewarded with tokens that others have spent or lost.

True Massively
Multiplayer Game

No pay-to-win and common web3 obstacles. We target a wide audience of PC and mobile gamers.

Endless sandbox of myths and daring exploits


and reap the rewards!

King of the Mountain in an RPG sandbox

  • Gather resources for sustenance, weapon crafting, and construction
  • Conquer, outlive others, and make money
  • Team up, set up your stronghold, and engage in political intrigue

Make your way
from a loner to a lord!

Layered clan-based social system

  • Endless political and military confrontation between factions
  • Provide your allies with resources or stand in the vanguard of the offensive
  • Join alliances, conquer territories, collect taxes and earn game fees

intelligent NPCs

Content Revolution in sandbox genre

  • Every neural-network-powered NPC generates its own unique story together with the players
  • NPCs always pursue their interests in different ways: they cooperate, fight, trade, and much more
  • Thwart them or help them through an open-ened dialogue — it's up to you to decide the course of Astea's history

Growing Riches, Preserving Balance

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$AQUA — utility token

utility token

Universal currency for DeFi, rewards, and player interactions

  • Issued only when purchased
    for USDT via smart contract
  • VE reward system
    incentivizes reinvestment
  • The token is burned continuously.
    Its value increases over time
aqua token
lex token
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$SPICE — governance token

governance token

A strategic power token providing power over the project infrastructure and ability to earn fees

  • Not issued unless more than 50% of the total token volume is staked
  • Used in political intrigue and faction management
  • Investment in the infrastructure of the game that yields dividends to the holder
S2P token
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Innovative and sustainable monetization model

  • Premium NFT account provides access to rewards is granted for a staking PoS tokens
  • It saves in-game progress and provides bonuses depending on the time and size of the stake
  • You can always sell it or unstake PoS tokens by destroying the NFT

Zero sum game

  • Rewards are not produced out of thin air: payments don't increase the number of tokens
  • All spent or lost tokens go into the reward pool. Then it's shared between skillful players
  • The game's sustainable economy doesn't need a constant influx of new players

No Pay-to-Win

  • Tactics and skill trump payments. Paying players don't get an unfair advantage
  • NFTs don't affect balance: they save effort and allow selling game progress
  • Win-win: some make money by upgrading NFTs while others save their play time

What we sell:

Time savings

Leveling speed

What we don’t sell:

PvP affecting buffs


Bridging the Gap for True Gamers

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No obstacles

No wallet needed
to start

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For all devices:
PC, web, mobile

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Web 2.0 stores

Epic Games and mobile
stores release

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Fun first

Moneymaking and crypto
are optional parts of the game



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